I get so excited about life, my friends, the things we love to do, and the magical moments created there within...

that I start to move just a little fast. Speeding ticket on the way home from our Santa Fe excursion was the physical manifestation of my internal state: pedal to the floor, flying.

I wish I could say as much for my riding! But alas, I'm tired, beyond any experience of tired I've had before. But that didn't stop us from riding our brains out and having some of the best 3 days ever.

Friday I snuk out of work (completely), and went for a quickie solo ride out of Evergreen. A quick 11 mile, sub-one hour ride, and I felt satisfied at not being at my desk, and out in the larger world of experience.

We jumped in the car and left Evergreen by 1230pm, and casually made our way down to Santa Fe, by way of the Hub of Salida (Absolute Bikes), of course. Had to see Tom, pick up Ed's shoes, and soak in even a brief moment of our friends. I have to say that Ed was bouncing off the walls in a manner I had not yet known. I expected it to last maybe a few hours..... but no: it lasted all weekend, and together we generated more UP energy than I could have ever imagined. Thanks darling.

We arrived in Santa Fe, after chasing storms all the way down hwy 285. To the left of the highway it was black, to the right of the highway -- off towards Del Norte way over beyond the vast and golden prairie land, along the ridge of pine and aspen -- the sun was piercing through the thick, chaotic clouds, blasting down onto the honey colored grass, illuminating the patches of aspens amid the dark pine hills.
The road veered left, tho ... into the darkness and we made our way through the storm.

If you ever get the chance to drive down hwy 285 past Alamosa, past Antonito, past Tres Piedras, and down the caynon into the Espanola area... I highly recommend taking that opportunity. It's gorgeous down there -- especially in the setting sun, after a solid storm. There looks to be a ton of magnificent riding back in them hills!!!

Arriving at Jen and Aarons house found us wasted tired and still bouncing off the walls. I was so deeply excited for Ed to meet Jen and Aaron, and I was flying at a thousand miles an hour in giddiness.... Jen made an absolutely outstandingly delicious dinner and we drank wine and martinis and laughed our asses off late into the night!

Jen and Aaron had a plan for Saturday: back up to Taos, hit the Elliot Barker trail, hook up w/ the South Boundary trail and some other new variation................. it started off brilliantly, and we spent hours and hours and hours in the aspens and cool, fall air... mostly lost! But damn it was fun. We still managed a solid 30 miles and 4000K vert of saddle time. Well, saddle time and hiking time.

Saturday night, back in Santa Fe, I had the awesome opportunity to make another connection: introducing Glen and Jen and Aaron.... Glen has lived in SF for over 8 years now, and has recently become a father!! Jen and Aaron have been in SF for just around 2 years. Glen ended up riding with us on Sunday, showing Jen and Aaron new trails and generally orienting them to yet another degree to the outrageously awesome place they live.

We spent Sunday morning relaxing in grand style over the best omelets ever. It was The Breakfast of Unmeasured Delight. What a great way to start a day!!!

Breakfast was this good:

Jen and Aarons extremely beautiful home:

Sunday Glen took us on a tour from Jen and Aarons house .... all over the place!! We logged 30+/- miles, 5000K. I believe that Aaron snuk in more climbing. The first trails out of the house were playful and twisty, teasing us up the hill! I was chasing 3 men. That hurt. I was tired, and felt, of course, like keeping up. But alas......... I let them all go. We hit another trail head, climbed up some wickedly fun single track, and topped out on a beautiful ridge, littered with choices!

Glen and Jeny climbing:

We spent the entire day in a state of MtbBbliss. All of us. In my head, it was as if we'd all been the closest of friends since the beginning of time; all of us out there, chasing one another, chasing ourselves, laughing and riding and careening through a most magnificent explosion of Fall. THANK YOU, Ed - Jen - Aaron - Glen!!!!

And thank you, Jen and Aaron for being my best pals, and for hosting such a magical weekend.

And thank you, Glen, for being you, showing up, and telling us all exactly wassUP!

And Ed, thank you for everything, and then some;-)

The end of the ride led Ed and I straight into the car and blasting off back towards Denver and Evergreen.... The heightened state of bliss and exhaustion led us straight into the speeding ticket... well, I got the ticket.

I've spent the rest of the week recovering!!!

(I tried to keep it short and concise... I know....)

(Jen, your portfolio turned out so beautiful!)

(All beautiful pictures here are courtsey of Ed, of course!)

(Aaron, I need a link to the awesome work you do!)

(You can find Glen on mtbr.com... glenzx)



Cellarrat said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!

sorry about the ticket!

MMaybe see you at bean fesst!

namrita o'dea said...

I've always wanted to visit SF. The riding sounds awesome, too.

Their house looks beautiful!! :)

Dave Byers said...

I have only visited SF and Taos once and your post makes me want to go back very soon!

Does it get any better than riding new trails with good friends in a wonderful setting? Thanks for sharing!