even though i no longer ride a singlespeed, i ventured out to join the beanfeSSt nutcases for a day of solidly dirty, wet fun.

these are the crazy people:

they were kind enough to let me ride with them ... with all my gears. and it's a good thing that i have all those gears, because today found me about as ridiculously tired and fatigued as i have been all summer... and fall. oh-well. it was fun to be outside and playing in the S N O W!!!!

i think we logged around 16 miles and about 2350' climbing. doesn't really matter: it was cold ... wet cold! my legs were so cold going up the last hill that they sincerely weren't working. like ... not at ALL. they were numb and un-responsive. i was wondering if they were even really there at all.
here is a picture snapped (thanks again, ed) just before i so elegantly ran into a tree:

the funny thing about this shot, is that i had no idea ed was hiding in the trees (again), and i had many, many things to say (out loud and vehemently) to myself about running into the very beautiful tree.
one thing is absolutely clear to me: our friends are hilarious, and i enjoy their wit and humor to no end.
thanks paul for the excellent get together!! let's do it again next year, and let's make sure it snows again... for the 5th year in a row.


Dave said...

Those sneaky boys.......

And I can't believe you're giving up the palace! The next resident is going to get charged twice what you do!!

Ed said...

Sneaky, sneaky :-)

It was especially fun being sneaky there because Jeny was cursing up a storm when she erred into the tree on that turn.

Nice write up as always :-)


Cellarrat said...

LOvely! sorry I missed it but was just too damn tired!

sorry to hear i won't run into on my rides to and from the distillery!