Oh thank you, Universe for the permutation of fall.

Sundays Buff Creek Solo Ride:
27 miles
2500 vert
2.45 hrs
10.5 mph avg
empty trails
pure enchantment

Ed and I started and stopped in the same place today ... but had remarkably different rides. I should get a camera. However, not having a camera keeps me from stopping at all. Outside of bumping into two pals and having 10 minute conversations with both of them... there wasn't a moment that passed that I wasn't careening towards bliss in the magical state of Fall.
As everyone is reporting, the leaves are ramping up, the dirt is changing, the temperatures are changing, and we all seem to be in a reverent state of bliss.

Other things are changing, too; Fall is a time of change, and we all succumb to the cycles of the seasons.

My personal experience of fall ... is that fall bears lusciously fertile ground. For me, fall brings a remarkable amount of reflection. Fall feels earthy. And with that, a sense of groundedness always seems to envelop me. Riding in the dirt of fall, after the endless wear and tear of summer, always feels good. Like I can feel the cooler, wetter dirt on my hands reaching all the way through the tires, fork and grips.... It's like walking in silence, barefoot, along a soft, moist trail.
That fertile ground also seems open to a deep power of manifestation. Almost like planting seeds of dreams in rich soil; reflection refracting perspective, casting light on reality, past and present, desires, plans, goals, time unfolding into heart-felt dreams. The things I dream of in the fall, never fail to come true.
Fall is rich. And riding in fall, alone, ablaze thru the dark-dark green canopy of pine, illuminated with the glitter of the treasures of aspens, time widens, and experience seems so ... lucid.

One of my favorite things about todays ride thru the Fall, was the wordless whisper of the cool breeze, keeping me company along my passage through the woods.

I hope you're all out there, planting those seeds.


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bill said...

great post. this fall definately has an amazing feel to it. i dont know if it has something to do with the memory of last winter, but it feel like every ride says, ya this is different, enjoy it, it won't last.. your post here addresses that planting seeds / fertile earth thing. Taken all together these fall rides have their own feel, great..