ski day One for the 2007-2008 season.

the pony is at rest, hiding amongst the stallions keeping warm against the wall in the living room. she is at rest. waiting.

meanwhile, the seasons cross. it's like cross dressing... the back 1/2 of my subaru: mtbShoes, teleboots, trail/running shoes, work shoes. ski helmet. camel back. ski skins and pack. and believe it or not, front MtbWheel in there as well. Note, also, the stack of mtbSocks, the chain brush and greasy rags. its a mixxed up chaotic mess. and it's freaking lovely.

day one at a-basin. crowded, white-ribbon-of-death, boys slamming beers in the lift line (terrifying). but it was a blissful day. the sun was high and hot. i was out at altitude today in a fleece jersey, spring gloves and sunglasses. who would have guessed after awaking to a foggy, wet mess in Evergreen.

tele skiing is my other ... bliss. TeleBliss. i've been on my skis since the age of 5, and on the tele boards since my 21st birthday (14 years ago, oh-my-gawd). today was like meditation in action... making turns habitual style; feeling the pulse and groove of solo-turns, soft early-season snow, breathing love and trust in every motion ... waiting calm in the lift line.

i must admit that tele skiing came before mtbAddiction for me. i know skiing in my bones and in my blood and in my spirit. it's always a safe haven of zen. i've always said that i was lucky that my two passions in life didn't share the same seasons! and likely for good reason....

the body is broken. my energy is spent and i'm on the hunt for solid healing. i'm hoping that by skiing, uphill and down, i can re-gain the expected and usual energy levels ... the power and pitch that usually accompanies my madness.... what better place than to re-find the innate mojo than the place i've been finding it since ... forever ago.


Dave said...

Lovely picture! Car=house/toybox/statement of purpose.

When/if we move to CO, I want tele lessons next winter! (I ski like a midwesterner.)

JenyJo said...

dave -- you got 'em! just get here!!! ;-)


Itty Bitty Betty said...


We don't seem to have much luck getting together on our mountain bikes, but maybe we can hook up for some tele turns. I too feel so lucky to be passionate about two outdoor lifestyles that occupy alternating seasons. Bring on the snow!

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