if you are unaware,
accidental bliss ...
can happen like this:

ran errands and made decisions all morning
lounged decadently with a cuppa chai
chatted, deeply, with a good friend
faint nap, and many hours of random chores, laundry.

all morning, the clouds looming low, saturating the air with promises; even the light: moist; chills tickling the skin; motivation to venture into the nip hiding behind the desire to cozy-up in fleece.......

until that moment, in an instant: the thunder!

in that moment, helpless against the rambunctious inspiration: the decision to don the knee warmers, the wool; intending only a brief spin through the crisp afternoon.

winding the long way around town
sitting for 7 minutes with the bull
finding 10 miles to be the sweet spot
finally contacting that first sweet dirt
heavy clouds, rolling deeply and cracking: sonorous
rain, spitting tiny hail, chill
the shadowy path illuminated:
golden treasures leading the way
through the forest
fast and furious
and absolutely On


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Jeff said...

Very nice! I love that picture!