last spring i took an 80 mile road-bike tour around denver with steve (spike) and john. one not so small section inspired the following conversation and challenge: if i could get ed to shave his legs, steve would follow suit. john was witness to this little challenge.

i shaved ed's legs last night, stevie!!!!! let's see it!

(damn that was fun-fun-fun!)



Cellarrat said...

Let me know when I can pick up my keg and tap?!?

wouldn't be much for me to swing by this week...

Ed said...

So about this itching thing that Jill mentioned....?



JenyJo said...

no worries on the maintenance, ed -- i'm happy to maintain the new look for you, hun! ;-)


human being said...

wow I wouldn't ever ever ever encourage this sort of behavior

ssportsman said...

you're spoiling him :D

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