vacation day #4!!

Oh Holy WinterBliss!

Never, never in my life have I experienced this much SnowBliss, in quite this way:

Glory Be to the Snow Angles spreading blankets of WhiteFluffy all over our playground.

In this current moment, after all that WhiteWinterBliss, it is far easier to get into a tele-turn than it is to walk down even 2 steps in a stair case.

All is well in Vacation land. WhiteBliss has turned into ComaBliss. Thank you EdE and thank you PAPA for a wonderful day out playing like MAD in our crazy-little universe.

PS: Ed will post more pix soon

(frank, how's "killy" treatin' ya!?!?! ;-)


Fman said...

oh you little snot

human being said...

Why did I work today?

JenyJo said...

Fman: i'm not a snot! aren't you glad i taught you how to ski, tho? ;-) i'm so glad you're out having FUN!

hil: i have no idea why you went to work? when we drove by loveland in the morning, there didn't look to be any new snow.... At vail, they had reported 13 i think at 530, and it was still dumping and dumping as we made our way back to some excellent stashes. ed estimates between 18 and 20 inches. as we drive BACk by loveland on the way home, it looked like the storm had moved over loveland and they were getting some snow!


human being said...

The report said 11 as I wash brushing my teeth yesterday AM. I'm low on vacation time, so I'm living vicariously through your blog.

ps. the pics EdE took of you are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

harumphhh. Oh yeah, well I was sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport that day.....oh wait...that sucks. darn.