Nice early-ish start today!!!

-1 to start, made it to 11,750'!

It was only warm enough going up hill. Going downhill ... I froze.

BURRR! I'm really, truly trying to get 'winterized'.

(click for more pix)



Manny said...

Please tell me you were hiking and not riding when it was sub zero out!

Tom Purvis said...

Nice photo. You and Ed and your damned hi-quality photos...

It was -10 here before the sun came up this morning.

Dave Byers said...

Where are the pics of the skin track? :)

JenyJo said...

Manny: No, we were not on our bikes... tho the thought did cross my mind many times, it would have been impossible to get the bikes up this trail.

TomP: it's a good thing you still have all that facial hair then, eh? ;-)

DaveB: uuuuhhhhmmmmmmm... this was more of a recon exploration -- and thus we are guilty of not bringing the skis and instead opted for a winter hike. next time, tho... skis will be ON and we will likely SKI DOWN a LOT of the sweet, sweet spots we found... OMG. OMG! ;-)


Anonymous said...

...winterized, huh? Try making snow angels at 11750'

JenyJo said...

CalGOne: is that what you did this weekend?

Next time, perhaps -- when there's not so many ROCKS ;-)

hope you are doing well....