day #1!

Day One, and what did I do today?

So I completely woke up today with all the right energy, and the completely right attitude and motivation towards my 16 days of vacation. So, straight out of the luscious, sleepy basket, I completely prepped and made Beef Bourguignonne (made = prepped and in the pot for the next 9 hours). And, in the process, I whipped up some killer Portabello and Parmesan omelets. Gotta start vacation off right, right? Riiiiiigggghhht.

Then. Then I was required, by Universal Law, to listen to my inner yearnings (screamings), and go get a Christmas Tree. Yes. I did this. And you know what, Ed was a complete sweetheart about it. He placated my every Christmas Tree Whim, and we ended up with a beautiful, beautiful (if not slightly lop-sided) Christmas Tree. I didn't even know how badly I wanted one until I found myself literally BOUNDING off the ground with the energy of the whole ordeal. Goodness ... yes, lots and lots of goodness!!! Poor Ed. He maintained calm and stability the entire time. I am so impressed.

Behold, Christmas Tree #1 for Ed and Jeny (for Christmas #2;-):

This is the top 10th of our tree. Click the picture for more complete, and more detail photos ;-)

Then. Then it was nap time. Tonka did not disagree. Ed has, apparently, post pix of that.

THEN........ I was required, by Universal Law, to listen to my inner yearnings (flat-out-beltings), and HAD to go ride in my bike in the bitter-sweet cold.

While it was likely a balmy 20 degrees F outside (freezing windchill not included), I was still reluctant to leave the house without bundling up to an almost in-movable state;-) And, I was required, by Universal Law, to NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT MY CHRISTMAS BELL ON THE PONY! Yes, that was so, so sweet.

I must say that I did not ride a very long distance, and I did complete some christmas shopping along the way, but sheesh, all of the billions of hills I had to climb to get home had me in my little ring, spinning away in some desperately slow and depleted day. I really felt pathetic. But, more-so, I fell SO damn glad that I got out on the pony today.

And, I must admit this: the apex of my ride found me at the BAKERY (duuuhhh). And what did I find at the bakery today? I found UNICORN COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!! (ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmygod.)

Uhm... what happened after the bakery? I'm trying to remember...

OHYEAH!! I rode home. Uphill the whole way. S L O W L Y. I find this totally amusing.

Then home to my beautiful man, my beautiful Christmas Tree, our slightly-freaky Kitty... and FOOD. I think I made the best Mashers I've ever made! Yehaw!!!

The view from home sweet home.

And now, over many glasses of wine, I am prepped and stoked for tomorrows big adventure to Vail to ski some of the super-sweet white stuff.

That's it for day one ;-) As far as I know.



Meredith said...

Yay for pegan, solstice trees!!!

There's a reason that even though neither Hanukah nor Christmas is the highest holiday in either religion people make such a big deal of them; it's dark and cold out and we all need an excuse to do something different inside (like decorate and eat cookies :)

Have fun in Vail!

human being said...

That cookie is the awesome.

If you're wanting to hit up Loveland anytime in your 16 days of vacation bliss, let me know!

LyndaW said...

What a fabulous day :-)