Days 8 and 9!!

Yesterday, day 8 ----- I think we went for a walllllkkkkk with the puppies.... We Went up to Ashcroft for a little recon.... We ate and drank and smiled a LOT.

Today, day 9 ----- Up in the morning ... a little indecision as to the what/when/where for the day, then OUT THE DOOR, blazing back up to Ashcroft. Jean and Eb were on the super-speedy nordic gear. Ed and I took our time on our full back-country gear ... and up we went.

However ... as we all know (and if 'we' don't, 'we' should), Avalanche conditions are high. Ed and I turned around early, and decided to work on a little transceiver practice in the basin. Jean and Eb continued up the skin path, dug a snow pit ... and confirmed the questionable nature of those early, deep layers (can we say S U G A R?).

ahhhh.... feeling right at home ;-)

2 of at least 10 slide paths from the last 2 days.


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LyndaW said...

WOW, all these pics make even me want to come and play in the snow.