days 5, 6 and 7!!

Slacker Poster, Jeny!

Day 5: spent the day casually breezing around Boulder with my mama... and enjoyed a LOVELY Christmas Eve present-session with my darling partner, Ed, in front of the Christmas tree. Dreamy.

Day 6, Christmas Day: We awoke to not-so-stellar snow reports. So, we stayed home and indulged in succulent coffee, breakfast, and more present sessions ;-) We then loaded the buggy and hauled our spoiled little selves to Aspen to visit Jean and Eben, and hopefully align ourselves with another 17+ inches of the BigWhiteFluffyStuff ;-). We spent a lovely night in a snow-pounded Glenwood Springs. We enjoyed a delightful and romantic Christmas dinner at a sweet little French restaurant in Glenwood.

From 12.26.2008

Day 7, today: Aspen Highlands reported 17 inches. By the time we got there (after meeting Jean and Eb at their place, and eating brekki, and bouncing off the walls), I think all those 17 inches were tracked out and gone by the time we got there.... Such a bummer.... BUT, we had a BLAST!

Photo credit to Ed, of course:-)

Now: Wine. Fire. Dogs. Jean. Eben. Sweetness and love all around.

Tomorrow: some pre-day skinning. Then, some major hiking in the Highlands bowl. One goal: complete and utter exhaustion. Period.




Ed said...

What a sexy skier!


ssportsman said...

Emily was just drooling over your pictures in the snow. Wistfully thinking of her tele's (which are back in BC)

Miss you guys, have a great New Year..