OK, GooneyBliss -- you tagged me, and so here we go:

6 random things you likely don't know about me:

1.) When I was pretty young, I wanted to be a fashion designer (HA!). When I was very, very young, I wanted to be a race-car driver.

2.) I spent my first year of college out at Mesa State in Grand Junction, CO. My passions at that time were skiing and trail running (exclusively). One day a good friend somehow convinced me to take my TREKsomethinghundred out for "a mountain bike ride". I thought this was absolutely ridiculous -- who would want to haul an extra 25+ lbs of anything along those super sweet trails (now the 'lunch loop' trails). We got out there and started riding. Within 10 minutes I ditched the bike on the side of the trail (literally) and ran instead. It would be 1 year before I ever bothered trying to "go mountain biking" again. That was 15 years ago.

3.) I used to spend my winters ice-climbing ... until I realized that A.) I truly am deeply afraid of heights and B.) I truly do hate standing around belaying when it's flippin' cold outside. I remember being at the base of a lovely little fall up on Longs Peak thinking, "It would be much warmer and far more fun if I were generating some BODY HEAT ... like when I am tele-skiing .... yeah, tele-skiing". That was my last ice-climbing adventure. I gave my axes, helmet and crampons to my little sister.

4.) I had no hair on my head until I was 3 years old. My mother used to tape bows on my head so people would know I was a girl.

5.) I've been to Burning Man 3x: once for fun, once by accident, and once to officiate my dear friends' wedding (I am 'a Reverend').

6.) I think I might be the laziest person I know ;-)

I'm now tagging: CynnyBun, MyssM, RockStarKim, and CalGone ;-DJj


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human being said...

Imagining you casting a bike to the wayside for a pair of running shoes is keeping me rather amused this lovely Friday afternoon.

ScottM said...

Oh man, I'm loving the Singletrack Error message. It was very appropriate at the time I viewed it. So, I did as commanded and went for a ride...

I'm also loving the talk of retrying and overcoming technical (climbing!) moves. Refreshing and inspiring stuff. Keep it up.

Scott Morris