better late than never ;-)

As a treat to myself for taking a solid 10 days off of riding the bike, I went out to ride some fun, playful stuff with my dear friend M.

We had a casual ride up Falcon and over to LOTB. We talked with EVERYONE on Falcon as we rode up, and it was so neat to see so many MtbSpirits all amped up and positive! What a neat thing. Then, we got to hit LOTB in all it's swoopy, flowing goodness. Everyone we met and saw there was also on a glorious MtbHigh.

Luckily for M and I, there are 3 little rock sections along the way that are just fun enough to play around on. Pix below are of those 3 sections, and they're really mostly just pix of ME, because my camera STINKS ... and I failed to get as many good pix of M as she did of me;-) Bad Jeny. Booooo....

Maybe everyone was in such a good mood because we ALL knew we were totally sneaking in a dirt ride just before the next spring storm showered us with unending sleet and snow. Maybe ;-)

Anyway. M had the patience to let me try and try again on a big thing that I've only cleared once in this lifetime.. and was not able to clear this day. ;-( Booooo... But ... that just leaves fun for next time we're out there.

And M -- I promise to either get a better camera soon, or to start using YOURS while we're out playing.... Thanks for the lovely, lovely evening in the dirt!!!



Buzz said...

My mountain bike HEROINES! You girls rock! How steep is that section? I need a reference to shoot for!


Keep on JJ!

sarah virginia said...

you should make a flip picture book out of those shots! you could make it big!

Carey said...