the freedom to choose


ed and i hit the trail early.

first on the trails as the sun was barely warming things up.

33 degrees; stellar-blue sky; fresh coat of pristine all over everything.

we chose to climb sandy,

and then up and over to miller. we chose to play our hearts out descending charlies,

and slip back down the upper part of sandy, and then turn off onto homestead. we chose to thoroughly bomb baldy

and then saunter our way up tramway.

we chose to rail all the way down more CoTr and then to go ride our way along red skin. we chose to giggle our way all the way up gashouse. then we chose to meander our finagley way

over to the CoTr over by wellington. we SOOOO chose to descend the CoTr. but first we chose to stop and say hi to the riff-raff.

the riff-raff leader, spikeypoo, just HAD to get his paws on the tiny pony.

at mile 38, ed chose to continue on to meet his 50-mile goal.

and i chose to lie in the grass and take a nap.

it was a beautiful nap.

and there was much Joy.

thank you, starling, for the most lovely day.



Anonymous said...

Oh, love the pony wheel with the flowers.
Nice nap pixels
Thanks for bringing to us.
Miff ;-x

Dave said...

Glad you had a most-excellent day! Gorgeous pics JJ. :)

Unknown said...

ahhh...naps! you have things dialed in jeny!

Kevin aka. PBR said...

A lovely day it was! Even with spikes snickers attack on unsuspecting prey! ;)

oh, tell ed i think i overfed his fish!

ssportsman said...

That was a nice choice of trails

and pixels

and words

Thanks for the hit of passion

and my word verification of the day is glootin