2 days in the light

... my boys (ede and mr. spike) ... :

made me this happy ... :

... on our ride today. seriously, that is a pic of one deeply, deeply happy jeny.

thank you, ed and mr.spike, for accompanying me on my over-excited and slightly delusional ride fest turned magical 6 hours. that is JUST what i needed and wanted. thank you, thank you, thank you!

we started in a lovely sukker-hole of sunlight ... topped out at the high point about a 1/4 of the way through, when it started to snow and blow. we ended in a warm, warm afternoon of clear blue sky, with extra fun new singletrack to boot. ah, such CO bliss!

i think this message was put up specifically for ed and steve (and i):

here are ALL the pix from today:

and yesterday!!! ggaaaaahhh! i'm feeling slightly spoiled here... ed and i spent a glowing day out in the sunshine alllllll wonderful day. thank you, darling, for the exploration day.

hope everyone is making every minute count, and enjoying it all!



ScottM said...

Oh man, that sign is classic. It's cracking me up.

Must have been cold for Ed to actually cover his knees!!! 6 hours and a bunch of singletrack.... very nice.

Dave Byers said...

Love it. Love it. Love it! Thanks for sharing your most-excellent weekend.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, that looks like a good time.

Don Appleman said...

Wher'd you guys go on this one? The signs look familiar....


Anonymous said...
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