lunch roll rescue

Tragically, this poor bunny has seen better days. BunBun has been face-down for at least 2 weeks, as I pass by him on my lunch roll.

The poor bunny has been there for quite some time ... and I have not had the lack-of-focus enough to go rescue the poor thing.


Today, I had a knight in shining armor with me for the lunch roll. Meet TayTay! He braved the wicked willows and made it down to the poor BunBun!

And in one swifty move, he was out in the middle of the river, making the rescue!

A man, taking his job very seriously.

See TayTay smile:

Thank you TayTay!!

We left BunBun in a nice little cove of sunshine next to and above the river. When he dries out enough at some point, I'm sure to pick him up while out on my bike, put him on my back, and bring him home for Tonka.

BunBun will need a bath ... or two.

Speaking of Tonka...

Tonka has found and made a new nest... in Ed's underwear drawer ;-)

Turn-around point today:

And...... now it's snowing! Way to sneak one in!



ssportsman said...

poor BunBun....

you just left him there for weeks! can't wait to see the pix of him riding your back home.

and I sympathize with Ed as Pumpkin has decided that my down and fleece make a comfy bed...

Carey said...

That's a BIG bunny..I'm glad you rescued him.

Cellarrat said...

was cpr preformed?

Anonymous said...

wha...no TayTay mouth to Big Muddy Bunny mouth pix.

Marco Belo said...

that almost seemed a CSI crime scene body removal... =)

Marco Belo.

知道 said...
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