the truth

The truth is, I just don't have much to say.

Yes, I am a somewhat auditorily obnoxious person when around people, and can seem to find endless banter to blab and shout about when out... but honestly, I don't have much to say.

Case in point: I had a MARVELOUS Friday Ride, and an STUPENDOUS Saturday Pueblo Ride with the most fantastically fun people... and I don't have much to say for it ... because really, it was just too damn fun and so damn satisfying, words just can't touch it.

So: Fri and Sat:

In other news, it would seem that in yoga, I can't stand on one foot to save my life ... let alone twist and stretch and balance all at the same time. However, I can get myself into a hand stand and hold it there for a darn long time. Go figure.



Ed said...

That new camera is working very well!


JenyJo said...

the little camera makes it easy to haul and easy to whip-out and snapshots!!! no excuses now ... i don't even have to wear a pack to bring it along.


thank you darling.


Carey said...

I know how you feel Jeny.
Sometimes it's just enough to be in your own life doing your own thing..and there's no need to share it with anyone who wasn't there..Lovely pics..and with that, thanks for sharing. (: Yoga...I think it's a commitment thing.

Chad said...

Sweet pics. Love the snow capped mtn in the background.

Tree pose in yoga=practice