frozen snot

it's been gettin' cold out here ;-)

well ... relatively speaking, i guess not as cold as other places. but cold enough i should probably be wearing more than just a long sleeve wool jersey on top, eh?

smart jeny!



Dave Byers said...

I can SO relate to frozen snot on the bike right now! Ha!

Butterpoweredbike said...

I recently found out that my summer riding buddy has been riding an exercycle, the kind with moving handlebars. I'll take frozen trails and snotsicles over that any day, every day.

JenyJo said...

DB, i think i'm going to head out for a few more days of frozen snotties!!!! it has to be colder where you are, so i have no excuse;-)

ButterBunny: LOVE the BLOG!! and i'm with you, i'll take OUTSIDE freeze over inside any day ... i'm not complaining about the cold, just that i'm not smart enough (when i'm overly excited) to wear enough clothing. i can't wait to try some of your recipes!


Butterpoweredbike said...

See, I'm just the opposite. I tend to overdress - ski coat, balaclava, etc. One day, I had so many pairs of gloves and mittens piled on that I couldn't work my brakes (which I didn't figure out until a key moment).

But three cheers for riding outside! I'm not down on people who like to pedal while staring at a wall. But once you strip away bumps and curves, fresh air, and mountain views, all that's left is the hard work. I haven't regretted a single winter ride, no matter how cold, or how many times I've fallen.