2 days in the valley(s)

soooo wonderfully happy about the sunshine for the last 2 days. had to get a bit of rollin' bliss goin' on to celebrate the warmth and the clear blue skies.

took more pix of the pre-ride antics (tonka) than of the rides themselves... but hopefully entertaining enough ;-)

Saturday with Ede:

Sunday, Solo:

hope everyone got their daily dose of the sun while it's out!



LyndaW said...

I love your bluebird jersey!

JenyJo said...

LW: the bluebird jersey is SUPER sweet, nice wool, totally comfy and spot-on perfect.... Ed got it for me ;-)

can't wait to see you!


Carey said...

What kinda earbuds do you wear to listen to your ipod while riding? Mine totally suck and fall out all the time..

JenyJo said...

to be honest, carey ... mine are frustrating,too.... but i think it's my ears, and not so much the buds....

they're some sort of skull candy things. decent sound, but no ear buds seem to like to stay in my ears. i'm always fiddling with them.



Carey said...

I know what you mean..I think it's my ears too..everything just pops out...I may become one of those people with the little ipod and the big 'ol earphones..