2 nights of MtbBliss!

Alright, one set of pictures from tonight, and one Video from 2 nights ago!! (bored yet!?!)

Lucked out tonight -- Denver is being blown off the map, but Evergreen is sitting calm at the dark edge of the storm for some reason.

So I saddled up the pony, careful to take the torches, and headed out for some bliss.

I definitely lucked out. I had the WHOLE place to myself. And, I got to ride back down the whole thing in the dark. Ran through one enormous family of deer. Saw a number of bats. And another Owl in the middle of the trail! Definitely a sweet success.

ANNNNDDDD.... Tuesday night, with my sweet ridin' pal M, we headed out for a thoroughly ruckus night of MTBFun and MTB-Games!!! I caught a ton of video just to showcase some of the kick-ass fun riding we have around here. Not that most of you don't already know it and ride it... but I had to express my Personal MTB Hype ... just because I can... and just because it's SO stinkin' FUN!!!



Itty Bitty Betty said...

Def NOT bored! now you've gone and given me a jonesin' for DR! Haven't been on that trail in quite awhile, but you gurlz look like you are having so much fun rippin' it UP!

Carey said...

Nice Work Jeny, looks like fun, I like Jen haven't been there in forever and that has to be my favorite Beck album...

Chad said...

Dig the films, you inspired me to start bringing the dig camcorder on my rides.

Anonymous said...

Super JJ and Super M - you 2 should have capes