Got home from work with two thoughts: change the front tire, and go for a spin.

Is it me, or are Bontragers difficult to remove from rims? My work clothes are now covered in dirt from the last few rides I've done. Surprised? No.

The sky was heavy with black, streaked clouds and the wind ripped through the pine and aspen trees. Rolling thunder echoed off the surrounding hills ... and I could not WAIT to get out onto the singletrack.

By the time I hit dirt and pine, the forest was nice and dark, and the few already evolving aspen leaves brightened the darker forest coves. The wind stopped and the air cooled. The clouds moved South and the light started to glow. Not a soul on the trail tonight. It was so nice and silent ... and refreshing.

Gentle ride tonight. Just to spinn and roll and play. Found myself at a lookout about 1/2 way up the mountain. And what did I see?

A rainbow!

Horrible, grainy pic, I know. Sorry.

Hung out for a while, listening to the thunder.

Rolled back home just before dark.



Carey Alina said...

Nice soul nourishment!

Sandblogger said...

dang bontragers about kill me everytime. I know they aren't cheap, but I've been running the racing ralph 2.4's on my Niner. They kick butt. Huge, huge, huge, and roll fast. I'm gonna try 'em on the mini-wheeled bike for VT125.

See you there!