The Story

Everyone else is doing it, so here is my silly 'ride report':

Lining up for the Vt125, I had 2 lists. One list (list A) contained all the things I could control going into the race and during the race (course knowledge, time knowledge, food, bike, MIND SET). The other list (list B) contained the things that were either Unknown, or Uncontrollable.

I was actually able to line up with list A pretty well managed. For once, my head was on board -- with the dark, the distance, the course (intimately so), the requirements of the time and space ... all of it. I will not lie: I felt really prepared internally and externally as much as possible.

List B, however, had a couple items on it that were ... deal breakers if they showed up. The biggest thing on list B was the Body-Energy state. My 2 to 3 -month fight with the belly and the bottomless-ly empty energy, left me with so few days to really test the engines before ride day. This was a big Unknown for me ... and without it, I knew I'd have no interest in trying to log this kind of ride.

Unfortunately, the body simply didn't show up. On top of the fact that the rain and cold weather were wrecking havoc on my Fun factor, I simply didn't make the decision to LET the body try and show up somewhere along that 108 mile course. So that was my failure this time. But truth be told, I wasn't too up for repeating my Midnight Rodeo ride for an extended period.

So I flipped the pony, bundled up, and blew through a bubble of illuminated fog, straight back to the hotel room.

So that is my "race report" for the race that was hardly a race, having only completed section one ;-)

hehehehe.... Next time. The body will come back. And all will be well.

On the more incredible side:

EDE completely blew through the night and finished his 5th VT125!!! What a MAN! He is my sexxy-beast, and I admire him so much! Way to go, super-buny!!

And, my dear friend and riding partner, Ez, completely and utterly beat the peepee out of everyone. 4th Overall -- the only woman to brave the wet night, holding on for the magic of the dawn.

Here is Ez in her Pre-Win State, soaked by rain already and all:

And, here is Ez realizing that it was actually, ME who was helping her Caffinate and get all sugar-loaded up on top of Monarch (I think she said something like this: "oh .... what are YOU doing here":

And, Ez's man, SuperChris ... frakin' ROCKED the course and finished in a blaze of glory, too! WTF... I thought you were 'resting' dude ;-)

To all the finishers this year: WAY TO RIDE!!!!!

And now: Ed and I spent 2 days in Ouray, soaking in the mineral hot springs and vapor caves (yes, seriously), and hiking the straight-up mountain bliss.

We're now in Silverton, soaking in the Fall colors and season change.

We're soaking in the very Mellow Mountain Love.

More stories to come!!



Pablo said...

The snow on Baldy in the background of your pass picture pretty much tells the story. It must have been a long tough night.

Chad said...

Your comment to us still makes me laugh. Good to see you guys again. Perhaps we will run into each other during the Rimsalot Ride in Moab next year :)

Congrats Ed!

Eszter said...


Carey said...

Giving it your best is all you can do..way to show up for it and even more so way to respect and listen to your body..glad you're enjoying the mountain love, such a beautiful time of year to be out there!

Meredith said...

I so love Silverton, don't you just want to buy a little Victorian and live the rest of your life at 9,000 feet???

Sometimes both 10,000 foot passes into town get blocked and you can be trapped in a tiny slice of perfection for a week!!! I dream of town-sized claustrophobia...

cynthia said...

love the pic of Ed and the one of you helping Eszter get caffinated.

yay ed and eszter!!!

love you girlie! looking FORWARD to the rest of the stories!!!!! :D

kgraime said...

Proud of you for at least getting on the bike...ever more so that you listened to your body! There's always another race, another trail, another ride!

Hope to see you when I'm in Denver Oct 30-Nov 1