such bliss!

How about some video!?!
... a little mellow rock work from a slow, all afternoon ride from home. this is just a sampling of some fun stuff on a fun loop. nothing too huge, but of course, it's always a bit bigger than it looks ;-)

For ScottMorris: rocks!
For Lynda and Dave: you two, please come play!
For GooneyNess: one night this week. Get here.
For Mom: more for you to see!

not the most interesting film, and of course, video/camera does the trail and mess absolutely NO justice at all. oh-well. can't seem to get around that one!

In other news:
ChainRingBolt Engagement Ring!! They're all the rave!!!!

Yup, it's true!!! Ed bolted me during the VaporTrail!



Carey said...

Nice video and happiness on your engagement, that's fantastic!

ssportsman said...


We are so FREAKING HAPPY for you!!

Sandblogger said...

As I was riding away fron Monarch, I was trying to figure out what the heck he invented for a ring.

Congrats guys.

Cellarrat said...

Sweet! Mucho hugs to both of you!

Dave said...

Until these comments I wasn't sure that was for real.


M says its about damn time.

Meredith said...

I also say -

LOVE the ring :)

And if this happened at Vapor Trail, what EXACTLY took you soooo long to tell all your adoring fans who's primary contact is via your blog!!!

I am so stunningly happy for your two, Congratulations!

Pablo said...

Warms my heart to read this. I'm very happy for the both of you.

ScottM said...

I love the RoCKS and the ring! Couple of good moments of wavering/hesitation in the vid.. shows that they aren't easy lines!

Kevin aka. PBR said...

Congrats to you and ed for sure!!!

loved the vid too! that last rock you showed me a different approach tight inside as opposed to a trials move Nice!

Itty Bitty Betty said...

I'm super happy for both of you!!! Congratulations!

Enel said...

I love rocks!

I love when folks get married!

Great post!