this ONE little thing

I don't know. What do you think of this little conundrum?

Can you pick out the line you'd take -- the line you'd want to take -- the line you could take?

The entrance includes a corner, a water bar, and some oddly placed and poorly timed rocks. So the entrance isn't particularly conducive to keeping momentum or direction. The set up is a part of the challenge.

As always --- remember, this has more pitch that the pic portrays (the vid shows a couple of attempts where I jump off the back... that kinda gives a better idea of the pitch) ... but do you think you can get a good idea of this puzzle?

Yeah. This one's been in the back of my mind for quite a while. FINALLY.

YYyeeeffin'HAWWW! That made me happy!
only 13 tries ;-)

I'm sort of diggin' that my Standard Loop also happens to be a Something Special Loop. And by that I mean, I've really been enjoying my 30-ish mile, 4K' loop from home, and all the spectacular single track that allows me to bliss out on.

Ed and I rolled out late-ish this morning, temps in the super sweet 50s. The skies were dynamic, and the breeze carried with it a deep, deep chill.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

We took our time and explored our way over to the start of the singletrack. We rocked the singletrack. And then we took our time exploring news ways back home. It doesn't get any more pleasant that that, really.

Except for that one little thing. It's on the back side of 3-sisters. I really, really needed and wanted to clear that one little puzzle of a corner + root + rock conundrum. I've not spent much time working it, looking at it or really giving it much thought beyond: "man, I would REALLY love to clean that!"

So today, since it was so lovely out, and since Ed let me seduce him into working with the camera, I thought I'd stop 3/4's of our way through our nice loop and have myself a little session time.... You know, just because we can ;0)

Thanks hon... for the fantastic ride, and for watching me get all OCD on that one little thing!



TVC15 said...

bravo! bravo! bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) you're so awesome :)

cynthia said...

yay! yay! yay! good job jeny - i love that fist pump when you cleaned it. hee-hee!

Chad said...

Love it!

Jenn said...


Anonymous said...


ScottM said...

13 tries is 12 more than almost all riders would give it. Nicely done.

I love a good 'problem' like that -- with multiple lines, none of which are obviously better than the others.

The end is awesome. Yahooo!

xtb said...

nicely done...
this one took me far fewer attempts than the rock garden (or whatever you wanna call it) at the bottom of the bergen peak climb from the intersection.

methinks we're kindred spirits.

JenyJo said...


Chad, Jen, CalGone: thanks for looking!!

Scott, Xtb: this one wasn't near as difficult as the one up on bergen (the oneyou mentioned). not even close. but a conundrum nonetheless.

Xtb: ok! what's next!?


chris said...

that looks hard. I would probably rack myself and bash my knee on my fork, curse, then move on.

Sandblogger said...

I can't picture where that is...? I wonder if I always go down that way?

JenyJo said...

sb: it's on the n/w side of 3 sisters park.... it's at the beginning of the climb up the "three sisters" trail that takes you up to the "top" ... where you then get to bomb down that handful of super tight switches.

i can send you a map if you'd like ;-) you know this spot -- you probably don't notice it b/c you're flying over it... duuuhhh.


Dana D said...

Love that such passion...and smokin'hot jersey ;)

Dave Byers said...

Very, very nice. What happens if you go right of the tree?

JenyJo said...

DB: right of the tree is off trail ;-)

but, people have obviously started cutting the corner and going to the right of the tree. my personal opinion on that is: they should stay on the ffn' trail ;-) it's a mess as it is, please don't mess it up even more.



Dave Byers said...

Yeah, what you said!

The Evil MGE! said...

Bad ass, Jeny,I know that corner well. Whoot!

lriviere said...

Nice work. Rocks are your friend! Always choose the rock line!

Tandemdan said...

NICE WORK! Way to stay with it!