we will hit that (not so) dusty trail...

Nothin' beats spending an entire day on solidly satisfying, well varied and chunky-yet-smooth trail.

Except being able to spend the whole time with my partner in crime...

I think Ed has a new name for me.

Thanks M and AJ and Mr.Mystery, for the all-soil, super sweet, totally succulent, practically solitary, sorely needed, almost solely singletrack day. Sorry we didn't bring the camera for any action pictures. Riding with you guys ROCKS -- pun thoroughly intended.

In other news, BooBoo has a new name. We're calling him........ DoubleStuff.



Ed said...

New name...?

Well it's not double-stuff, I know that for sure!!!



Marco Belo said...

what a wacky and passion-moved blog! loved it! =)

Greeting from Portugal.


$200 Deep Cleaning said...

Do your cats ever actually move?

Ed said...

Deep Cleaning - of course Doublestuff moves! He moves from one napping spot to another. It's a serious workout.


Dave Byers said...

Tonka = BooBoo?

JenyJo said...

DB! Yes, Tonka = BooBoo = DoubleStuff.... One and the same ;-)