Slackin'!!! But not really ....

I have failed to write about and share pictures of the whole last weeks worth of adventures and rides and thoughts.

How about I just post picture shows!!!

Well, no picture show. Ed and I awoke late-ish, threw everything necessary in the vehicle and high-tailed it to Salida!!! Ed had to get one of the Ponies worked on, so we went straight to Absolute to see Our People. In the process, we serendipitously crossed paths with Aaron and Jen (friends from Santa Fe on their way to Summit). I dropped Ed and his pony off at the shop, while Aaron, Jen and I drove up the dirt road that eventually takes you to Blanks Cabin.

Rode the Dirt Approach Road for a few miles, then hit the Colorado Trail heading North.

I have found my Heaven Trail. I would like to ride this every day. Please.

3 hours, 20 miles and 3,000' later, back at the car, back into Salida, out to dinner with Scottay, his cutie-patootie and their good friends. What a heavenly day!

While Ed and I were hangin' in Salida, playing pony and blissing in the Salida Sun, my dear friend Eszter completely crushed the Breck100!!!! We raised our glasses in her honor! Good job, Ez!!!

Ed and I opted for a nice long adventure and exploration ride!!! We found about 50 miles worth of a loop, with about 5,400' feet of attitude adjustment along the way. We hit 2 sections of the VT125, and I have to say: whoa!!!

We spent 6.5 hours riding and roaming about ... in bliss!

Here are some pix (Joel, these pictures are for you):

What better way to ignore what a Monday at the office does to the brain than to get home in the afternoon and go for another ride!

Jen is in town, and so I had myself a rockin' little Recess Date!!!!
Thanks, Jen!


And, now it's Tuesday! What next!?!



Pablo said...

Looks like a fun way to spend the weekend.

Marco Belo said...

wow.. beautiful landscape! great pictures. ;)

kiss, MB.