Today's Recess found me as the Hostess in my own back-yard playground! (Yes, I was actually LATE in showing up for my own darn party ;-) But it didn't seem to matter ... too much.)

Cyn and I had nailed this Recess Date down a week ago, and we had ONE intention for the day: go play on switchbacks and rocks. Easy enough by me! So we invited Tracy (time for you to get a blog, yo) and Kim to join us for the evening's light-ride and hyper-fun play time.

I've taken a whole world of pictures. You can see them all by clicking HERE, (yes, there are lots and lots more) and you can see a few highlight-pictures below:

Cyn, all bad-ass and smoove!

TRace all super-fly and buffbunny!

Kim clearin' one of the FUN ones!

Cyn -- showin' us the stylee moves

Kim, playing a fine balancing act

TRace on the same switch, different angel

Cyn, Powering around the bend

TRace in the process of NAILING IT!!!


Check out Cyn's WHEELIE ACTION!

Nice place to ride. The views suck...

... and the trails suck, too

TRace didn't have any fun at all...

... neither did Kim

AAAhhhhhh.... RecessBliss!!!

... of course we went out to dinner afterwards... dduuuuhhhhh!!!!!

And that was Tuesdays Recess.

Alright, back to playing Dress-up and Office.

It's still sunshiny out!!!



Ed said...

Rippling muscles are the new and best fashion accessory....yo!



JenyJo said...

LMAO!!! You are funny, darling... See Cyn and TRace -- he WAS listening to us last night at dinner ;-)



Kim said...

Thanks for showing us around! But I want to ride the entire trail and then some :) Your side of town ain't so bad either...but I'm guessing there's way more dirt to see than what we did last night!

JenyJo said...

indeed, kim... don't worry -- we just need to pick a night when we don't have people prepping for races in a few days ;-) you'll get the full meal deal and then some... and you'll be grateful, and worked. i promise.


brg said...

that was SO much fun!

Itty Bitty Betty said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!!