Sunday. Ed and I took an 8 hour walk and found ...

An oasis on top of a giant stack of rocks, 100' up. Hummmmmm....

We wandered around relatively unfamiliar territory and created another wonderful adventure for ourselves. In as few words as possible: heavenly.

Do you see what I see?

Remnants of one sort...

Remnants of another sort. I think we wandered thru a BigKitty feeding ground. This is the second of 3 piles of carcass we found:

Spine is one of my favorite things:

One of many summits for the day; the apex of our wandering found the clouds ripping apart and floating like massive ghosts... allowing the sun to drench the land with honey-light and feathery clouds:

It was a sight to behold, and I feel lucky to have been there!

Let's try this again: Do you see what I see this time?


We could all use a little of this color in our lives, I think:

For the full set of my pix from the day, click HERE.

For the REAL pix of the day, head on over to EDs blog... he's got quite the set!!!


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Ed said...

Real pics? I think your pics are real pics! You have a great eye and I love your pictures.

Darling :-)