more experimenting

Friday evening last week I found myself desperate for a dirty date ride! Ed was busy, so what to do? Solo Date Ride -- what else?! This is a little experimental video of a loop I call the Dog Loop. From home, it's just about an hours worth of play time. It is the flattest ride I can loop together from home. So this is a 'rest day' type of ride. There are a few good climbs at the beginning and end, but other than that, it's just a delightful roller.

Again, totally boring video exploration going on here. But... what the heck:

Saturday Ed and I high-tailed it down to Salida, to go and check out some new trails!! We really didn't ride much, but what we did ride was a TOTAL hoot! More to come on these trails sometime soon, I'm sure of it. I took really tremendously crappy pix... but Ed got some good ones!! Go check out his blog for the pix. He sent me one of me (thanks hun):

Sunday we did a little VT125/snow status recon up in them-thar-hills. Lovely day!

We arrived home Sunday evening to rain and then snow. We awoke to a solid 7" of snow on the ground Monday morning!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine today!



chris said...

I really like the static shots. The shot through the tunnel is beautiful.

JenyJo said...

yeah, ed takes beautiful static/still shots ;-) my static shots ... not so much ;-) it'd help if i fixed my camera lense! lol


TVC15 said...

I LOVE that!!!!!!!!!

Carey said...

Hey Jeny, this is Carey.
I would love to get some trail beta from you on the Salida area. We spend a good deal of time down there, I have a gallery there, Culture Clash and Craig fly fishes the river and we ride. I've ridden the Rainbow Trail, Mon. Crest, stuff up by Twin Lakes but I always wondered if there was some good dirt from town, something different. Any suggestions.

JenyJo said...

Hey MyssC!

First and foremost: Head into Absolute Bikes ... they have the low-down on ALL the new stuff that they're building, plus all the trails around the area that are kick-ass and cool and that have been there a long time. They've hauled Ed and I around on a bunch of stuff behind the S mtn that I could never, ever remember the names of. They will be able to point you in a very specific direction ... potentially with MAPS! Start there --- they know more than I ever will.

holler when you're going down again, maybe we'll hook up and i can show you what i do know!


Carey said...

Thanks Jeny! I always thought there had to be local stuff behind the S mtn but never sure. It's nice to hear they're building new stuff, it's such a great area and close!
We'll be down there around the end of May.

scott said...

i agree the static shots are great. what program are you editing with? i had a hard time with uploading my videos to you tube. they were pretty jumpy. i have been using vimeo lately and it seems to be a lot smoother. either way your video looks nice. i have been off the bike all week at close to sea level. i think i am due for some suffering this week!

JenyJo said...

scott: i'm just using picassa3... once i got the work flow down of loading the files from the camer into picassa, snipping sections out of longer sections, then exporting them and 'creating movie' with all the pices, i actually thought it went rather smoothly. i've not tried a single other editing application, tho. so literally, this was the 2nd time i've tried to do this.

given, the larger the 'movie' the longer it took to upload the whole thing into you tube... but i guess that is just the price to pay for free stuff.

ocean surfing or dirt surfing? ;0)

thanks for checkin' in!


Kim said...

I like your videos, keep them coming! I wish I had the patience :)

JenyJo said...

Kim: actually, you know what I've found: taking your camera out on 'rest days' actually helps to keep things in check ;0) forces one to take a different kind of time on the trail. it's helped me thus far!