Wednesday afternoon was the last chance to get in a little dry trail and sunshine. I left work early and made the most of it. I got to ride from home and hit DD, A3S, EM, a little extra A3S fun stuff ... and back home the way I came. It was so satisfying to be able to sneak in a 20-miler with a nice kick-in-the-pants bit of climbing before the snow hit.

In the process, I thought I'd experiment a little: I'm playing with video stuff... just out of sheer curiosity. Mind you, the content is BORING as all get out ... but this could prove to be a fun option in the future... it feels like I was able to take a little of the sun and warmth and dry trail home with me!! And, I can now maybe play with this stuff a little to demonstrate the inner experience as well as the outer experience. Who knows. Anyway. Videos below.

Things to note first:

  • I chose this type of music because this is what goes through my head when I'm really "on" on the bike. Actually, it's always there. The slower the music, the harder, faster and better the ride. (Not that this was a particularly fast or game-on ride... but I wanted to play a little while out zipping around the backyard trails).
  • Yes, this is boring, that's ok........ I will make more interesting ones soon! There is more blog post below if you wanna go read that. I discuss Tonka below. That might be more interesting.
  • Try not to laugh too hard. Or, if you must, don't have a cup of coffee or red juice in your hand.

Top of EM. This is, of course, steeper than it looks. M will vouch for that.... But it's so flippin' easy!!

This is just a fun bit out on A3S. Again, it's look so much more interesting in person and on the bike! WTF.

Same section, going up. Blah blah blah.

I'm trying to figure out how to thread all these things together. I'll figure it out ;-)


I will say this: the weather has gone schitzo on us and it's now a white winter wonder land once again.

This was the last pic I took of the ride and evening... the weather rollin' in:

A day later:

It's become apparent that Tonka does not understand weather. He wakes up, goes to the front door, and whines until we open the door. We open the door, and out he goes... only to come roaring back into the house, as he cannot deal with the cold and wind and snowflakes. He then proceeds to be MAD at us because of the state of the world outside the house.

We've decided that Tonka thinks that "we do this TO HIM" .... And he treats us accordingly.

Hope everyone finds one way or another to have fun in all the snow!


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Dave said...

Clouds on the mountains, AWESOME!