dirt addictions

First, I've just got to say this: I have hair envy, in a really lovely and bad way:

Yes, that is Dan's head of hair. Below, he is trying to tell me something. All I can think is: how can I get my hair to come out of my helmet and look that good?

Cyn, the absolute POWER BUNNY ... no, make that the Energizer Bunny; my god, cyn, nice SS JOB!

Kim, rider on the storm:

And Myss Anne -- the Lovely Anne, listening to us nutcases all day long:

The last month of heavy-duty work has pretty much stolen a LOT of what I've worked on over the winter. What I was flying up with glee a month and a half ago, finds me now a bit on the ... slower and hurtin' side. Ah-well. Nothing a few more weeks of less office-work can't fix ;-)

Lucky to ride with these brilliant folks today! Thanks for letting me in on your ride!

Lucky me for riding dirt like this and in this manner 2 days in a row... and looking for perhaps a third?

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day!

And, I just have to do this here: Michelle, you are an ANGEL!


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