Work vs. Play.
Work hurt.
Play readjusted the body, mind and spirit ... again.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Monday for Michelle was a lot like Monday for me: difficult and tiresome on all levels. And, I am pretty darn sure that Play re-aligned her stars just as much as it did mine.

Need proof? How about some pix!!!!

We'll start with Michelle:

This kind of (playful) work...

... and this kind of (playful) work...

... and this kind of rock work...

(...and this kind of rock work, too)...

... most certainly leads to places with this kind of (high) Bliss...

... and this kind of beauty (check out that glow!):

And, since Michelle is figuring out her new camera ... I can now show you a bit of Jj-AdjustmentBliss as well!

This kind of rock work...

... just basically leads to a big, happy, mtbBlissed-out heart and smile... watch:

see it starting to show:

ahhh, happy, well adjusted woman!

I must say this: I have never once ridden these trails when they were tacky. I didn't think that state possible for these trails. But, lo-and-behold... not only was the trail in prime shape, there was no one there ;-)... Except for these guys:

Michelle and I nailed it on the timing! LUSCIOUS TRAILS!

Monday afternoon Play was just what the spirits ordered. We both finished the ride grateful for the time, the dirt, the climbing and ... well, yeah, the descending, too ;-)

Thanks, Michelle!!!!



mraymond said...

Damn you girlz are amazing and inspiring! Good work.

Ed said...

I thought some blood was spilled, where are the gory pictures :-)


JenyJo said...

ed, we did not take pix of the blood. the slip-hap happened almost near the end on something that didn't make for good pix ;-) LOL!


Sonya said...


Anonymous said...

...and BADAZZ riding!