it's pretty simple, really, when you break it all down: start at 10pm, ride all night mostly up up and more up, ride most of the next day (mostly more up), finish before the sun sets.... not much to it ... eh?

yeah. whatevea. enormous congratulations go out to the VT125 finishers -- and really, all attempters as well. you all have the guts and spirit to challenge yourselves to the utmost. i admire you all.

edmund, my darling ... i'm so excited for you for having finished your 4th vapor trail!!! well done, and with such grace and style!

so click on the image below for the very few pix i captured of the VT125 start/ride/finish, more words below. i will post pix of my own vaporization ride from saturday later this week! for now, go gawk at the rock stars!

so, jen and i sent our racers off saturday night. sunday morning we awoke to a beautiful morning and accidentally had a leisurely morning getting to the trail head. we parked at the bottom of marshall pass and rode the super mellow climb up to the marshall pass aid station -- ed had left that aid station just minutes before i arrived ... and word on the trail was that aaron would be back for his 2nd required pass through this station within the next 15 mintues. so jen and i bundled up and sat and chatting with the insanely awesome crew....

lo-and-behold, first Cal rolled into the station, jaw ajar, standing as he climbed to meet us: 'i just rode that'. that was all he needed to say ... good job, cal!!

then aaron: 'you've got to be kidding me!!' jen got him all caloried up and sent him on his way.

kerkove rode through, stopping with his jaw ajar.... very serious like ;-)

and then steve -- also with jaw ajar ... moved through the station with efficiency and blasted off.

that must have been one hell of a climb, boys. ;-)

jen and i descended starvation creek and then rode back down to the trail head. we blasted back into town in time to miss the first 3 riders, but just in time to catch Jefe nailing down 4th!!! and aaron and cal and steve rollin' in in grand style!! it was awesome to see them roll through, completely shelled, and completely satisfied. nothin' like it!

i hung out with the crew and Tuuuuurrrboooooooooo for a while, and ed came rollin' through literally dancing across the finish line! so beautiful!!!!

all in all, a truly wonderful event -- and a truly wonderful time supporting ed and his fits of manic mtbBliss!

more pix of the weekend to come soon.


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Anonymous said...

JJ - Thank you for all your positive vibes, encouraging words, and new nickname this past weekend.