sweet spots

sometimes, as juancho states so eloquently, the hardest part is just getting out the door. i couldn't agree more.

today, however, the momentum was just flowing and there were, apparently, a few places i was required to ride though. no question about it.

initially, i felt tired from yesterdays ride. but a few climbs in and a few rock sections cleared i felt right at home and right in sync with the universe.

i like it like that... in sync.

unfortunately, i only took pix of 2 sweet spots. the other spots were just so full of flow i didn't dare to stop and ruin the space. so, limited pixels, my apology.

sweet spot #1: this is a favorite, nice spot along a funky little climb out of a creek. i think i'd like to picnic here sometime.

sweet spot #2: i ride through this little spot so many times, and always fail to take a picture. it's a set of 3 quick switches in really, really fun, tacky, dark dirt -- and towering, lush foliage (a rarity). i am not sure what it is about this particular space, but it feels super secret (it's not) and super protected. it feels like a sweet spot. i should linger here a little longer, i'm sure of it. but it's so much fun to pedal, lean, roll right on through. yeah, i like this sweet spot.

so, there are some sweet spots that won't show up on film... like the spot i'm kinda currently in - having ridden in the particular manner i have all spring and summer, and then so pointed and perfectly these last two days. my sweet energy is primed and ready for a big adventure. while i absolutely will not say that i'm ready for a race, i will say that i am ready to push it for a long, sweet haul and test my ability to withstand a long, long day, with likely many not-so-sweet internal-moments (coupled, of course, with the succulent fall space-scape of Crested Butte single track). Oh, holy wonder ... how I am both fixated and fearful, both primed and doubtful, both calm and anxious, both knowledgeable and naive. I am excited beyond belief, and totally and utterly terrified. (nothing new in my complex little inner-world ;-)). part of me thinks that i should not utter the word "terrified". how dare i admit to such a state. but you know, it's so completely a part of my makeup it's just unavoidable. so there you have it.

i have VERY distinct and clear goals (i don't think, yet, that they're in any particular order):
1.) finish
2.) have more fun than i think is possible
3.) make at least 3 people laugh on each loop (that is, of course, dependent on the proximity of other people -- i might be too far behind to reach this goal, but who knows. i can make the people at the center stage laugh as i roll through, i guess)
4.) finish before dark? pretty please?

ANYWAY. saturday ed and i rode with the sweet, SWEET company of Michelle and AJ. I know Ed took a world of pictures, and will post them on his blog, and has done so on f88 and god knows where else ;-) the thing about riding with Michelle and AJ is that, really, they create sweetness around them and wherever you are, you are smack-dab in the middle of a sweet spot! NO SHIT! Aj rides with such a calm demeanor, i don't know how he does it. and michelle rode AWESOMELY, and ed was the photo-ninja from heaven. we rode a twisted route of happiness that found us all in a perfect state of bliss the whole damn day. we were lucky to be cleansed and blessed with a sugary little rain storm, and warmed by the heat of the sun. it was truly a magical day, and i am so incredibly grateful! THANK YOU!!!

and, now ........ i eat and rest. and eat some more ;-)



human being said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...
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