photo credit jean and ed

2 of 3 laps done
70 miles
8040' uphill
8 hours and 6 minutes
> billions of trillions and millions of trees in compete fall madness
> one particular, literally, singing-out-loud-yeeehawin' downhill freak speed fest
> one hell of a happy jeny
> one temporarily incapacitated (and crunchy sounding drivetrain ...eeewwww that sucks) (anyone feel like trying to fix it?)
> one slightly mis-aligned and possibly bruised tail bone!
> one hell of a snow-rain-thunder-lightning storm
> one blow-me-away friend and support woman, jean
> one comrade in arms: eben, master of perseverance and kindness
> one Good Left Turn that made all of the difference in doing it Right
> one brilliant 2nd wind (thanks to said left turn ... and:)
> one hell of a good partner-in-crime: ed, my darling

maybe not 'done' in the way i thought, but done Right well enough. less rain and snow and lightning, things might have played out slightly different. but i'm happy, i'm proud, and mostly, i'm very, very lucky.

blessing counted. heart full.



Gary said...

Hey! I was thinking about you and Ed all day, wondering how it was going and hoping you both had a fabulous day. Yea, two laps of that course would be fun. All three of them hurt. I wanna hear all about it!

Cellarrat said...


TVC15 said...

Can't wait to hear all the details in person. I can't tell you how much I admire you, and your strength.

So cool.

Right on, jj. :)

LyndaW said...

awesome ride girl.

Ed said...


I'm so proud of you :-)


Anonymous said...

JJ - Xcellent Job!!! Completing the first 2 loops is Awesome. I concur with gary that the 3rd loop hurts. Bring Ed and the crunchy voodoo child over with a bottle of Luzon. We'll get her smoothed out.

Dave said...

Nice!! So jealous, must be even better in the fall.

Dave Byers said...

Have I told you that YOU ROCK? What an excellent ride and adventure.

Selfishly, I hope that they keep the CBC in the fall so I can get down there next year.

cynthia said...

jj - i'm super proud of you for getting out there! you know i love you girl!


human being said...


Manny said...

I love how you ended your posting: blessings counted, heart full.