vapor day #1

ed and i spent the day in salida, working on bikes, hanging out in the sun, chatting at the coffee shop for hours, visiting with cal, fixiedave, tom , shawn, and anton ... what a darn pleasant day ;-)

everyone is gearing up for the big day ... after hanging out between the coffee shop and absolute bikes -- which is brilliantly set up in a shared building, right next to one another ... ed, cal and i went for a short little ride and shared a most excellent dinner ... we caught up with more of the crew for after dinner drinks and more desert.

click the picture above for pix of this most blissful day!!


Cellarrat said...

woo hoo good times!

Dave said...

That is a fun loop.

Malt v., Green Tabasc., Grey Pop..

What more could one want in condiments?

Anonymous said...

JJ - it was wonderful hanging with you and ed this past weekend.