downhill in the dark

playing within the front range forest into the darker hours of the night -- riding by brail, letting the bike roll and flow and smooth out the rocky madness of the trail... such fun with such enormous smiles. the darkness actually brought with it a bit of quietness, which i found so inspiring, enlightening and calming ... i think maybe i might try and make this happen more often. only next time, i'll bring at least a small light, to make sure that the ride home is safe.

thanks carrie and ariana for driving up and coming out to play!

michelle -- next time, you know what line you're clearing!!

Click the image below for pix of your local HOT front range kick-ass mountain biking women ;-)


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TVC15 said...

That fricking log pile? Hope so. ;)

Thanks for hosting a wonderful adventure. All's safe that ends safe ... what a great time!

Carrie and Ari, you guys are amazing riders and it was fantastic finally getting to "meet" with you all and enjoy some trails. Looking forward to doing it again soon! myb