late day foray

so, i will never be able to match ed in his quality of pictures, images, moments captured and shared. so what i lack in skill, i'm hoping to make up in ... quantity?

Thursday, 12.27.07, after a solid day of fire-side leisure:

tonka thinks this was a day well spent ;-) (my NEW ski pants seem to be his most favorite lounging spot now)

in anticipation! can't wait to get out into the cold!

ed, summiting the first of many hills -- on his new boards ;-) (and sick as can be)

moi, having a difficult time controlling the enthusiasm and excitement (really, you get to see pix of me because how else am i going to convey the explosions of energy and excitement i feel, see, AM!?!?)

just one of my favorite spots and contrasts of the day

just taken in a different way (i have to PRACTICE, yo!)

ed going up another hill... ed actually takes really wonderful action shots. i don't. so i'll have to practice ;-)

another one of my favorite spots

a tree in another one of my favorite spots

my breath, at the apex

mmmm, cozy! (it had to be right around 10 degrees, and the sun was about to get black)

reaching the car in the dark, once again! stars? or snow?

a nice warm, yummy dinner afterwards

this would be OUR table ;-)


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ssportsman said...

A perfect table for you two!!

Have a great New Year, undoubtedly enjoying more time in the snow. I look forward to the pixels

Dave Byers said...

Great pics JJ, I am jealous of your mittens!

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