the lead up to the trail we were seeking, meandering in the heavenly light
ALL photo credits go to ed, darling;-)

brilliant weekend. massive and completely solitary hike on saturday, and a new mtbAdventure on sunday.

the good news is: power. ;-0 yummy. i can feel my legs feeling strong and they want to go and go and go. and it's been SO long since i've felt that.

we would return to this spot in a different, thoroughly winter-ized light

saturday's hike found ed and i power-traipsing through the national forest and wilderness areas we have been exploring for the past few weekends. we went up hill a LOT, and it felt smooth and dynamic getting into the rhythm of stepping UP and up and up, breathing deeply in and out, clamoring my way into the ominous, massive snow storm. true to our adventurous spirits and intentions, we found 'another' way back to the trail that would eventually lead us home and had fun in some wildly untouched nature. the best part of that section was the snow storm that started to absolutely dump massive amounts of wet, heavy snow!!! it was thick and i could hear it pelt the already existing snowy ground. it was powerful, and lovely in a serenely spooky sense. oddly, i felt right at home picking my way down the fall line, along the stream, over the endless dead-fall, ice and weighed-down grass. i need to be out in the middle of nowhere, working hard for (and being) the magic far more often. i felt alive and present and full of bright, deep energy .... i miss those places. time for more.

beginning the very satisfying ascent into a very solitary and inspiring forest

so one unexpected treat this weekend was getting to ride steves VooDoo Kitty: 1x9 29'er!!!!!!! I have NewMtbBliss!!! what a outright brilliant ride. i loved the gearing, and i loved the larger wheels!!! i felt like i was flying. we started at around 28 degrees, and i was layered in all kinds of fuzzy coziness. it warmed up to about 35, and in the climbing madness i was able to shed layers and feel winter brush my skin. (i kept thinking about the girls down south riding -- in SHORTs and tans... and thought they should come up for a visit and ride in the icy, snowy, brilliant colorado winter;-)

the voodookitty majik numbers 1x9 9er

i had expected to feel wasted tired from the previous days hike. i was wrong. the first hill appeared and i was being pulled up the hill on some kind of magic thread -- and the day did not disappoint at all. the sun was low and bright and steve and ed and i rolled thru buffalo creek hoot'n and holler'n and making merry bliss in december.

just after the little mis-hap ... right into another drainage;-)

i will admit one rather major little foible: i hit a rather poorly placed patch of ice right in the middle of my blissing out in how far i could lay the 9er voodookitty over in the corners. DOH! immediately after bending one arm backwards and slamming my knee into something sharp and hard as a rock (duh), i started sort of screaming. it HURT -- it hurt more than i can remember being hurt falling on my bike ever really before and i was terrified that i had in fact broken my arm. no worries tho! bruised knee and funky elbow and i was giggling within 10 minutes and laying the voodookitty over in the next available set of corners. ohhhyeah. i get it now;-)

steve and ed and i returned to steves place for a brilliant thanksgiving dinner!! OMG, steve -- you lucky dawg! thank beautiful wendy for me, will you!?!!?

in other news....oh wait. there is no other real news ;-) i keep dreaming about all the people in blogger land i'm debating posting my dreams just for the pure entertainment value of it....



Anonymous said...

Heh,heh... I knew you'd like the big wheels. I didn't realize you were going to try out one of those nice green 29ers. So, what are you buying your self for X-mas this year?

Miss you!

Unknown said...

oh boy!

I'm never gonna see yah on the trail anymore now!

Glad your feeling Batter!!

Dave said...

Let it fly..........


Ed said...

I had another great weekend with you!

Time to follow the advice you gave Scott S for his injury :-)


ssportsman said...

Good Morning Sunshine!!!

The hike sounds incredible. I've always found hiking in the snow can easily be utterly surreal, and often leads me to a deep introspective state. I miss it, and Yosemite is calling out to me..

You finally tried some of Ed's koolAid (and Dave's, and many of the others that they ride with), 29ers are good bikes for outright brilliant rides. Don't be too harsh on the girls in shorts and tans, come April you'll be longing for shorts and tans.

About your little foible, dark beer makes the swelling and pain go away , and the Golden Brewery has some nice dark beers. ya know, I'm just sayin'

JenyJo said...

Gary: yes, i know what i want to get myself for xmas/my bday ;-) ohhhhhyeah. ;-) can't wait to see you guys -- hopefully soon?

SlowerThenSnot: Gett Better Yourself, yo.

Dave C: i am, i will. FLY!ooooyeah. just lovely;-)

SportsMAN:the hike was, indeed, incredible! the hike itself was just grand. i miss the natural internal deeply introspective states that hiking facilitates. it always surprises me how different it is than riding.... both absolutely necessary. so heal the ankle, i'll heal the knee and elbow and let's go!

In regard to the girls down south riding in shorts and tans: i'd LOVE to be riding in shorts and sporting a tan right now. I wasn't harshing on them. i was just ... thinking about them ;-)i don't tan at all anyway. LOL!

Um, yes, I do have a road bike, but i'm not interested in riding it for some reason. i like riding an ss in the winter on the road ... it keeps things lite. feels good on the body.

My Darling: yes, another incredibly magic weekend together ;-) I love our adventures. smack!


human being said...

This former tan shorts-wearing southerner loves riding on ice and snow.

As for this 29 SS kool-aid crap...well...um...


human being said...

oh - you're not interested in riding your road bike because road bikes are painfuly boring. I was 15 minutes into my ride Sunday bored out of my mind, wanting to turn around.

human being said...
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human being said...
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JenyJo said...

aw hil!!!!!!! i wasn't saying ANYTHING about southern girls not liking ice and snow. and besides, i was talking about some very specific people riding in georgia right now ;-) i was more just wishing that it was at least 10 degrees warmer and i wasn't so white that i'm blue! lol!! sheesh!

i just find my road bike uncomfortable. i just feel like riding something else to commute.

and yeah, the 1x9 29er koolaid crap: i can fly, baby! the 1x9 gearing suits me PERFECTLY -- and the way that kitty cornered: i bet you $$ you'd like it too ;-)


human being said...

um, I like my gears and suspension, thanks.

ssportsman said...

Hill sampled the koolaid and spat it back out. Course, my koolaid is much tastier thatn motobecane's

JenyJo said...

Sports: LMAO! indeed! to each their own. it's all about being happy w/ what you're doing, eh?


Ed said...

Faceless Human Being -

1x9 = gears!

And you gotta quit hangin' with that cranky Yeti crowd, big wheels are where it's at, yo ;-)


Dave said...

If anyone should have a bike named "VoodooKity" it is you! I love it.

Very gald to read about your endless energy levels and a great weekend. Hope the bumps and bruises heal fast.

Anonymous said...

...Big Wheels keep on Rollin...So Roll on Jen!