because i have no words for the beauty and graciousness of the day, i'll stick with a limited set of pix:
sue's beautiful christmas tree

what should be under every tree ;-)

the cat knows where it's at (charlie)

my mother and father
my sister and her hub-a-dub-dub ;-)

my father and his most awesome wife, Sue (the hostess with the mostest)

ed, trying to explain (for me) something about camera settings

the first picture
the most lovely christmas morning in front of the fireplace, directly out of bed (thus the hair), with an excellent mug of coffee, and a wonderful pile of presents (thank you honey)

moi. exuding happiness.
can't wait for new years!!!


Manny said...

Jeny, It looks like you and Ed and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing your fun and your spirit.

ssportsman said...