CB for NYE: Part I

nye plans this year happened in a spur of the moment phone call (returned) from jean and eben: crested butte, the ruby b&b, 2 days of skiing in the wake of a solidly delicious storm ;-)

the drive down required attention, as 285 was a wind tunnel and monarch was a white out. arriving in cb in the middle of a winter-white-maelstrom: perfecto, yo!

pic taken on our walk to dinner after arriving
one reason why i belong here

just in case you can't tell: IT WAS S N O W I N G.

dinner (desert) was scrumptious

now, this is eben and jean. this picture is not particularly accurate. first and foremost, this picture makes jean look demure. she is not. she is an explosion of energy and words and ideas. SHE drives the bus. eben -- well, eben is a force to be reckoned with ... not as quiet as he looks here. they live in Aspen and drove an insane distance in wonderfully disturbing weather to basically arrive at the town directly sw of theirs. no way to drive from aspen to cb w/out having to take the long way -- in the winter. thanks, rock stars, for making the trek!

yours truly -- in the sweet b&b, post perfect dinner, getting to bed early to be ready for a deeply satisfying day on the slopes!
more pictures and more stories when i get the pictures off of ed's camera -- ;-)

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