the time it takes

focused not on passions
but on obligations
and without the satisfaction
of success

busy time
weightless mind
failing to rise
to the required occasion
the last week has been a quick-study in overcoming a seemingly growing inability to focus on any one thing for any substantial amount of time. scattered, frantic, and full of time lines and work obligations, i'm sort of at a loss for ... productivity!

and yet, my seemingly forever-ago weekend left a window of memory and experience of clarity and peace. of course ... riding on sunday was blissful. we left home on the ponies in the fresh, cool morning air, and returned hours later downright dirty and spent. ed was still in recovery mode, i'm in start-over mode, and we rode through the woods in pursuit of pleasure.

mantras on the bikes these days:
  • what it is i love about being on my bike right now

  • quiet mind. deep heart.

(yes, i do actually think these things while i am riding. it keeps me focused, quiet and centered)

our little jaunt logged us significant time away from the computers, and straight into a sense of satisfaction that lingers ... a sense of satisfaction that has followed me all the way to texas for the week ... and is awaiting my return friday afternoon.


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