i have poison ivy on my legs ... on my arms ... and a little on my face. this is not fun. it was a riot of fun getting it there, riding thru the lush of an oddly wet summer. but the aftermath is a mess. so be it. i've lived here a total of 34 years and roughly 7 or 8 months, and I've never had poison anything before.

i spent the first part of the day indulging decadently in coffee, then meandering out to cherry creek to see dana off into her big 24 hour tri event. LOTS of people riding bikes in less than full shamoi'd shorts. ouch.

spent the second part of my day picking out paint, then applying it to a wall in my upstairs. i now have one wall of color, and it is a luscious shade of blue. i'm hoping it helps me sleep. i spent another part of my day re-organizing, moving furniture around, and generally re-landing in my space. it was well worth the sacrifice of a riding day. the first picture below is the wall/area before, and the second is after i got through with it today.

i spent this evening/night with my sister, bro-in-law, mother and step-father in boulder, and enjoyed some home-made curry, a puppy i wish was mine, and a cat that used to be mine. i really like their charmed life in boulder. i should really visit more often. the picture below is of Llewis, my old cat, who now belongs to my sister.... he really likes her.

i'm not sure what else to say. probably a boring day by most standards ... more so that i didn't get out to enjoy the rush of air against my skin, or the rush of sweat and quickening of my heart beat. but you know ... i'm tired. i still managed to get a sunburn, and today was a very constructive day.

this object
this space
in this light

and in it, woven
base temperament
and peace

blue peace
my peace
my space
my object
my light


Cellarrat said...

Icky Itchy!

You gonna be up watching Ed flog himself at the VT?

Dirty Bert said...

i had PO last fall. i have been riding for about 15 yrs and never once got it. i got it from my backyard. i had it so bad that those "cocktail" shots never worked for me. i think it took me a month to get rid of it.

happy scratchin'