Texas ate my mojo. And a whole week of work there has completely obliterated me.

Apparently I'm not so good with the 'travel and work' scenario. And, apparently, I'm not so good in humid climates. (You thought my hair was curly in CO!!! Waaaahahahahhahahha! Right).

My return home found me broken on the couch for hours. Until Ed appeared, and whisked me off to dinner: I was a pile of mush, napping and drooling on the couch. I also received a quick visit from Hil, who saved my kitty's life this weekend. THANK YOU HIL.... Tonka LOVES you, by the way. He says he wants to live with YOU.

I thought that recovery would be complete with one thorough night's sleep. So for today: off we went to ride N E W TRAIL (yeah, NEW... and 100% lacking in people, NO LESS). The first 1/2 hour was brilliant: twisty, slightly inclined, cruising thru the brush and scrub-oak, and wickedly fun.......... and then I hit a brick wall and I couldn't pedal to save my life. Legs felt good. Energy felt bad. I was T I R E D ... and deeply disappointed. Ah-well. I should have known better. I am required to take Dramamine when I travel, and I'm tired enough after a sub-40 hour week, let alone a 60 hour week. I just should have known that I would be a compromised chocolate mess.

But really, Ed and I had fun, despite the fact that I had to bail on the sincerely awesome crew we had intended to ride with. (I'm so sorry guys.......... I hope you had a brilliant ride in the fall light, ripping thru the scrub on the super scrumptious single track. Next time, I promise!!! You should ALL make it up for BeanFeSST with Paul)!

Good thing is: it was brilliant. I got to re-meet Paul (Loudpawls), and I am excited to see him again at the Bean FeSSt in a couple of weeks. Santa Fe is on the schedule for next weekend, and that means some seriously great riding, and some whole-heartedly deep time with a couple of my best friends (Jen and Arron.... and possibly my long lost pal, GLEN?!??!).

It's fall, finally. I've been waiting for fall since the beginning of June. Unfortunately, the light disappears earlier, but I need to practice being OK riding in the dark (alone) anyway. The neat thing about this fall, as I look at my calendar, is that it's WIDE OPEN. Makes things feel free.

Maybe I can focus on getting things (fitness things, yoga things, heart things) back on track. (Far, far away from Tx.)



Dave Byers said...

Having lived in TX for nearly six years (moved there for a job), I have seen first hand how TX can suck the mojo right out of a person.

I am glad you are back home and back in your element. Rest up well because fall is the best time to blow the needle off of the fun meter!

Cellarrat said...

Can't wait for bean fest!

glen said...

Not lost - just in new-daddy-limbo for '07. Looks like this weekend is cleared for at least ONE decent ride! Hope I can keep up w/you and the hammer(s)!