Serious Antics

December weather here on the front range of CO -- up until last night -- has been downright balmy. Obviously, that makes for some wicked-fun single track at a time of year we're not used to enjoying it ... so much so, that Ed and I were in need of some different trails to play on.

So we packed it up and high-tailed it to Salida for the last two days before the storm. It's a classic "warm before the storm" sneak-attack of pony and dry trail stoke!

Ed and I spend a fair amount of time in Salida and the surrounding area, and most of that time is spent riding in the high country.

This time around, the high country was obviously buried in snow -- but the trails right around town... dare I say it out loud ... were freaking spectacarific! (We rode from the Shop both days: Little Rainbow area one day, and then the trails right out the back door of Absolute Bikes shop the other day:).

The Ride and Rally stoke was HIGH. The expanded trail system that Salida Mountain Trails has been working on is bearing some super succulent single track fruit.

I spent the better part of my mind-time on the pony trying to come up with words to describe how much FUN these trails lure out of an experience.... I fail. Period. This is as close as I can come to doing it justice:

Whimsical and Sprightly

Spirited and Rollicking


Mischievous and Teasing

We were up to some serious antics playing out on that sublime single track.

In other words: the trails are spectacularly playful! They roll and undulate and rock and twist... they are a rollicking good time.

And now, we're getting pummeled by a snow storm. Yeehawwww.... I have honestly misplaced my ski stoke --- anyone seen it around?



Ed said...

I'm over-dressed!


Carey said...

Super Like!

Buzz said...

OMG!..SWEET...sweet s-tracks. You have tickled my curiosity of the awesomeness of Salida before...slam dunk sold now! I will show up with my new to be 29er...someday...soon..


Nice post JJ thanks for sharing!


chris said...

Little Rainbow- lost is sweet! lots of opportunities to throw the bike full steam into the corners and see what happens!

Pablo said...

Looks like good timing. After riding dirt for so long my first snow ride today was a kick in the teeth.

Primate PANZER said...

Blogwalking Jenny, i usually need to pass and watch all these beautiful pictures. No paro de asombrarme cada que las veo.

Greetings from Guadalajara, Jalisco; México

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Harlow said...

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