a little of this... a little of that...

... and a whole 'lotta sunshine fun!

snowy fun days up high early in the week ...

Ed droppin' into the soft and luscious

papa about to huck it!

warm, dry days from home...
Christmas Eve:

Ed, floating on ...

beautiful sights everywhere

December in CO, REALLY?


an old favorite, favorite spot -- totally rediscovered.

the usual scenery ;-)

siiiggghhh... i'll take a winter with this weather and these dry trails... yup!

Christmas Day:

can you believe?

that i was able to...

get Ed ...

to session!!!!


the thing about getting ed to session ... is that he breaks stuff... ;-(

my sweets...

Christmas Night with the Family:

Stellah little Ella!!!

While the mountains are covered in deep, deep white, we're basking in the warm sun and dry trail bliss ... something we're not accustomed to in December. Well, not historically, anyway. Maybe it's a sign of what's to come? Who knows.

Welcome past the holiday season, and into the wrap up of 2010. I hope that everyone is out and about and making merry ... and getting ready for 2011!

Alrighty... onto days 3 thru 10 of the 10 day vacation. Sunshine here we come!



Buzz said...

Dang JJ! Will it always be like this where you live?? I've been thinking about *where* I should retire..!


Perhaps "Mr. Torque" will get some gears....?...Naaaaahhhh!

Nice riding Ed!

Little Ella is just the cutest little cutie!..

7 days of potential bliss.... Yikes!!

Envy..ous from wet noodle central Cali.



lr said...

if Ed didn't session and he didn't break his bike, we would have not seen you yesterday right? things happen for a reason!

ScottM said...

Bout time we see Ed on Bergen sessioning. Can't believe you guys are doing that at xmas time. Awesome.