Yup, time for another BooBoo post... before we head off into the mtns for some turns...

ma... make the boat go around in circles again ... ppllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee

ma... ok, now that we've parked the boat, go away. i want to take a nap under the tree, in the boat.

ma... you can't see me... where's booboo!!??

here i am!!! and i'm so cute. don't ya think, ma?

he slept there for over an hour...

additions to our growing tree-critter collection:

BooBoo says he hopes that everyone is out playing hard enough to warrant taking naps under the christmas tree afterwards...

go do what booboo says. booboo KNOWS.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to my blog


Dave Byers said...

Boo Boo is my co-pilot.

JenyJo said...

yup -- booboo is most certainly your co-pilot. he's working on a little something extra to motivate you this year... he can't wait to show it to you;-)


Anonymous said...

I love Boo Boo too too.
Awwww...... I have some serious pet envy here....between boo boo and hamel.....I think Jaman should be very afraid.....;-)
More boo boo posts.....;-X

ssportsman said...

perhaps I should some boxes (yay new bindings) for our kittens? Instead, Oskar spent the morning hiding under the blankets on our bed (Emily has allowed him to develop some baaaaadddddd habits).

Love the ornaments!