weaksauce mitigation, day one

what am i saying here?

less than flattering -- but that's ok.

obviously, yesterdays ss beating lit a bit of a fire. so today i saddled up the ssPie Pony (as in, humble pie pony), and headed to buff creek.

splendid idea. god i can be so smart sometimes.

24 mi.
-2.5 hrs.

buff creek is good for gettin' comfortable in that floaty part of the turn. why? because it's all pebbles on fluffy loose pebbly stuff. it's good for the turning soul. best to make sure you're tires are at the right pressure -- -and that your brakes work how you expect them too. i suck at speed in the floaty part of the turn. must.get.better.

the ss Pie Pony feels awfully stiff compared to the TI-ny dancer pony... i was all over the place. uncomfortably so. it still had me grinning. and laughing. and singing out loud.

but it was GOOD. and by good i mean, it was gorgeous. and beautiful, and bright. and speedy. and flowy. and 20 different kinds of brilliant. and, best of all, after a solid hour of warming up up-hill... I finally hit a solid stride and felt GOOD again.

feeling good again means a lot to me. perhaps i've just been tragically lazy ... for MONTHS. hum. there's an idea ;-)

i think i'm going to have to go out for more. of course, i could hardly hang all of my clean laundry this afternoon (tired arms) ... but that is ok. i can live with that ;-)

brilliant weather on tap for this weekend here ---- go make the most of it!



Carey said...


Kevin aka. PBR said...

sounds like we have a new regular for the t.i.t.s. rides ;) Believe me this group needs another kick in the teeth like the one you handed us at bergen what like a year ago!!

Anonymous said...

Um..... not working on me....hot chilli zinging sting sauce.....with a dash of coooooooooooooool AS.

JenyJo said...

carey: that is funny .... you crack me up. let's go super granny gear something slightly more gnargnar.

PBR: I believe it's ME that needs to get teeth kicked in ;-) i think that was at 3sisters a yearish ago. ;-) i am not relegating myself to green mtn tho. you'll have to return to the buffcreek or egreen for me to join.

MIFF: hot chili zinging sting.... ohgoodness.... that is going to make me giggle out on the pony this afternoon... when i SUFFER. ;-)



Buzz said...

Ok...JJ...this is test to see if I can drink 3 beers and stay *coherent*.

"Weaksauce mitigation" ??

Weak?..... compared to what?

You rock Girl!..Thanks you for *being*!