patiently awaiting spring...



Saturday morning: coffee, oatmeal+berries, and some yoga out on the deck, basking in the sunshine.

Saddled up the SS pony and hit Stagecoach to Wittier ... to the top at Squaw in 58:50! I thought I wouldn't make it at all, let alone make it in under and hour ;-) ... and on the SS no less.

That got my happysmack goin'!!!

So I rolled down through Old Squaw, back onto 103, then down into Soda Creek and up the last few steep pitched climbs of the neighborhood. Then rolled 'backwards' (relative to the route I usually take) through the ridge (where the heck were YOU calGone?), and took the meandering and climby way home ;-)



Sunday was bound to be another SS climb-fest. Ed joined me (inspired me) ... and together we came up with THE most convoluted route possible for a 4-hour jaunt around some of the higher 'hoods. No, Juth, we did NOT find your house, despite covering almost EVERY SINGLE ROAD UP THERE (more than once) ... looking for the ominous Orange Door.... Where are you in relation to the TreeFreaks as pictured above, eh!?!?

I definitely didn't expect it, but I felt SPECTACULAR once again ;-)

Thanks, Edmund, for the lovely mud-flinging fest. I really enjoyed that one ;-)



Ed said...

If that hefty ss were 5 pounds lighter you could break 45 mins. to the top of Witter :-)

The Juth is a myth.


Gary said...

Is that one of those 'Feed Bags' ala Scott M on your barz? If so does your knee hit it when doing standing climbs? Been thinking about trying one.

I can almost promise you you'll climb faster on the SS once you give your legs time to adjust to the slow cadence and the extra upper body work.

Anonymous said...

one sick kid woke me @ 3AM saturday - hard to sleep through the sounds of up-chuck. He's better now.

JenyJo said...

starling: be careful what you say .......... i might want a new SS pony ;-) uh-oh! i just said it. DOH!

Gary: yes, that is a "feedbag" of the likes of scott and lynda and the other cool people. i've had it for just over a year, and i do really like it for riding longer rides... don't even have to stop to eat! YES, i do hit my knee on it, but just barely... and it's soft, so i don't mind so much. i am riding a shorter top tube length, so that doesn't help. it seems to be manageable for me. it's not painful or annoying at all, and i CAN adjust the way i pedal just a wee bit to make it not hit at all. You SHOULD get one ;-) And honestly, so should patti ;-)

And, gary: the legs are totally adapting ;-) i'm LOVIN' this... truly.

calGone: soooooo sorry to hear that. i saw the garage open and toy things scattered all over the driveway --- thought i'd see you outside moosedroolin'. no such luck. hope you're both recovering ;-)


Dave Byers said...

JJ, I think Ed just called your bike FAT. Doh!

JenyJo said...

LMAO!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHA.... DB: i think you're RIGHT!! DOHHHH!!!!


Carney said...

I'm scared of mud...