change of scenery

i'm sick of seeing the race-post, too;-)

how about some RED VELVET CAKE instead?

No? How about my SS, back from a filthy-making long day?

yes, it's still icy and icky here... but not icky enough to keep us from exhausting outselves silly. the SS is offering a nice change of pace.... well, that and the VooDoo Kitty is making some REALLY wrong noises from OP. BrandNewBB Issues? REALLY?

or how about BooBoo, recovering from his TeamBooBoo race efforts?

see what you did to him DB? he had so much fun ;-)

or how about some birthday GOODNESS!! Happy Birthday GooneyBunny!

and.... that is about all i've got.

well, except for all these grand ideas for riding ...... still bouncing off the walls and scheeming rides like MAD!


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Dave Byers said...

Poor BooBoo. :) It is hard work directing a 24 Solo team and the recovery may take a while. I like his choice of nap locations.